RRR VFX Head Reaction After Watching Final Copy! RRR is gearing up for a release on the 25th of this month and some last minute adjustments are being done to the final output to make the film even better. The film’s VFX has been handled by Srinivasa Mohan who has worked on earlier films with Rajamouli.

Srinivasa Mohan has seen the final output of the film and is super excited. The ace technician says “The experience will be Terrific and it’s a promise” Posts like these are giving unprecedented hype for RRR as days pass by.

RRR will also release in 3D and seen in the picture are Srinivasa Mohan and his team in 3D glasses. Rajamouli in all the interviews said that the experience of watching the film in 3D is going to be something else as the actors will feel even closer to the eyes.

A lot of money has been spent on the 3D and Imax formats so that the audience gets the ultimate experience. For now, things are going on track and very soon, the core star cast of the film will be watching a special show. We need to see what their reaction is going to be.