RRR USA, India First Show TimingsRRR is up for a massive release on the 25th of this month. The USA premieres will be screened on the 24th itself and there is a crazy buzz for the Rajamouli film and tickets are being sold like hot cakes in Telugu states and in America.

On the other hand, fans of NTR and Ram Charan in Hyderabad are gearing up for a massive midnight show and the tickets are being sold above 2000 rupees each. This shows the kind of a buzz this film has created in Telugu market.

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But, when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, there is no clarity about the benefit shows so far. The government has given a green signal for five shows and permissions are being requested for the early AM shows in AP.

The first show in the U.S. will be aired at 11.30 IST. Back in India, the benefit shows in Hyderabad will start from 1.08 AM onwards on the 25th of March. That means the first premiere and report and the review of the film will be out from the USA and M9News will publish the most accurate first on net review as always.

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