RRR U.S. Premiers Day: Fans Upset!If not for the rising Covid cases, RRR would have been released by now in the US and India. Early premieres were planned all over but sadly, the euphoria has died down.

Even though the cases were on the rise, the US audience was supremely excited and advance bookings were on fire. There will be some low-budget films that will be coming out but not many in the US will be interested.

The postponement has left many sad overseas and there is not much hustle on social media as well. Radhe Shyam also got postponed at the last minute making the Sankranthi season dull.

Nagarjuna’s Bangarraju is coming out but sadly, there is no big Hungama about it in the US and the release is also doubtful until the last minute.

Also, in the next two or three months, there will not be any major release which is quite disheartening. What should have been an amazing time at the movies, has turned to be a dud.