RRR Trailer: Rajamouli Invites Two Unwanted ProblemsThe theatrical trailer of RRR will be getting a dual release. The trailer will be screened at cinema halls across the Telugu states at 10 AM tomorrow and it will later be made available for streaming on YouTube from 4 PM.

Well, screening the trailer at cinema halls ahead of online release might pull the audience to the theatrical but it comes with a big risk.

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Those who watch the trailer at cinema halls are likely to record the trailer and then leak it on social media. This in turn causes two major problems.

The pirated copies will destroy the viewing experience for social media users, who can’t hold their excitement till 4 PM.

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The other problem is that a section of the viewers will have watched the trailer in theatres already and many other will watch the pirated copy on social media, which would ultimately kill the buzz as the trailer arrives on YouTube.

This might mean that RRR’s trailer will find it hard to set new records on YouTube in terms of views as the excitement factor will go down considerably by 4 PM.

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By opting to release the trailer in theatres much in advance of its online release, Rajamouli, and team RRR have invited two unwanted problems.