RRR Trailer Launch: An Eyeopener For YSRCP!The Opposition of Telugu Desam Party becomes a strong support to NTR whenever they feel like hitting the party. We have seen them trying to create a rift within Nandamuri fans and TDP Supporters in the name of NTR. These are the same sections which never supported NTR in films.

He is one star who attained Super stardom at a very young age. These sections always tried to pull him down and enjoyed when he is in bad phase. But they take his side when they need to hit TDP. But then, it looks like that is not working.

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RRR Trailer which has released the other day in theaters is an indication of that. We have seen TDP flags among the actor’s fans at many centers indicating that fans are not falling for this propaganda. Despite their best efforts, only a very small percentage of the fans have fallen for the propaganda.

Still most of the Junior NTR fans are TDP Supporters and most of the TDP Supporters are NTR supporters in movies. This should be an eye-opener for YSR Congress, it’s ecosystem, and Others.

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