RRR Trailer: A Brilliant Move, Or A Risky Idea?Team RRR confirmed that the theatrical trailer of the film will be out on the 3rd of December. As per the latest reports, the team is planning to give the trailer a theatrical release first and then make it public on online mediums. Meaning, the trailer of RRR will be attached to new theatrical releases and also be screened independently at select theatres.

In a way, this is a brilliant move. For instance, the trailer will be attached to the theatre print of Balakrishna’s Akhanda, which is one of the most anticipated Telugu films in recent times. The full-on action thriller looks set to pull the masses to the theatres in big numbers and RRR will be directly benefited from the same as its trailer will be attached to the Balakrishna starrer, thus reaching the masses. Also, RRR is a spectacle film, and watching its trailer on the big screens would be a great experience.

On the flip side, there is a certain degree of risk attached to the theatrical release of the trailer. If the trailer does indeed release in theatres first, there is a good chance that the viewers will record the trailer while it is being screened and then leak the same on social media. Piracy poses a huge threat.

If that is the case, the social media leaks could dampen the anticipation surrounding the trailer when it releases online later in the day. Also, setting YouTube records in terms of views will not be quite as easy.

RRR is announced for theatrical release on the 7th of December. The big-budget action drama is the most anticipated Indian film at the moment.