RRR Threat For Bollywood: Taran AdarshBollywood Critic and Trade Expert, Taran Adarsh had flagged ‘danger light’ to Bollywood from the mass masala entertainers down South. He warns of Bollywood losing markets to films down the south with too much focus on metro-centric films.

“Bollywood is busy focusing on metro-centric films… We lost out on the rural belt long back… Now, gradually, losing out on Tier-2, Tier-3 cities… Conversely, dubbed #SouthIndian films are targeting metros + non-metros… #Baahubali, #KGF, #PushpaHindi won them over… Wait for #RRR,” Taran Adarsh tweeted.

Probably the worry of Taran Adarsh is valid as we have seen with Baahubali and KGF. Pushpa despite zero promotions has done well in some pockets of the Hindi markets for the same reason. RRR will obviously create mayhem going by the sensational promotions Rajamouli has unleashed.

KGF 2 coming next year will also exploit the opportunity and it looks like Bollywood should be very worried in days to come