RRR Team Paid The Price For Ignoring Telugu Media Ayina Vallaku Aaakullonu Kaani Vallaku Kanchallonu – says a popular saying in Telugu. That means ill-treating own people and giving superior treatment to outsiders.

This is exactly the case with RRR team. The team after scoring a historic hit did not promote the film much. Only Tarak gave a few interviews to some select Hindi media.

Earlier this week, a success party was organized by the team in Hyderabad and Telugu media is not invited for it. That’s fine because there are certain events for which media is not invited and it is common.

On Wednesday, a success bash has been organized in Mumbai. The team has invited Hindi media for this. Some Press people from Delhi, Kolkata, and other parts of the country were flown in by arranging flight tickets and accommodation.

RRR Team, for some reason, has a low feeling about Telugu media. Even the Pre-release promotions are very less here as they feel a big opening is anyways guaranteed here.

After Post-release, there is nothing. They were like going gaga over Hindi media. That is also okay if the same respect is reciprocated from the media there.

The other day, a journalist asked Tarak how does it feel to see Ram Charan walk away with all the accolades for the film.

This is an insult for any star who put heart and soul for the film and to be asked on face in the presence of the other star and entire World watching.

It is also an insult to the intellect of Rajamouli after making a wonderful film. Telugu media for sure, would not have asked this question to Tarak or any star hero for that matter.

Barring some small lapses, we know how to treat our stars. Probably, filmmakers should at least think if they are doing it right in this attitude towards their native media.

Promoting a film aggressively in other languages is completely fine but not at the cost of ignoring our own people.

After all, this media carried the stars on shoulders even before they had slightest dream of Pan-India image.