RRR Sequel - Vijayendra PrasadDuring the initial promotions of RRR, writer Vijayendra Prasad was nowhere seen in the picture. But post the release of the film, he has been quite actively interacting with the media and is revealing some interesting aspects of RRR.

In most of his interviews, Vijayendra Prasad openly discusses the sequel to RRR. Seeing him speak, everyone is getting excited and news about sequel is everywhere.

But, if we observe closely, there is no cliffhanger moment in RRR that will demand a sequel. Even after such a success with Baahubali 2, Rajamouli did not plan for the third part as he knew it would not be safe to drag the story for another part.

By the looks of it, Rajamouli will happily move to Mahesh Babu’s next and forget about RRR now. But when it comes to his dad Vijayendra Prasad, he is only giving statements about the RRR sequel as a pure promotional gimmick to hit some headlines.