Ram Charan - Jr NTR - RRR MovieRRR promotions are in full swing with the team having attended the promotional events in different cities in a whirlwind. The trailer has shown Rajamouli balancing out Ram Charan and Jr NTR’s role neatly making fans of the duo happy.

But how would things have been if Charan and Tarak played each other’s role? Did they ever think of swapping each other’s roles? They were quizzed about swapping roles during the promotional event.

Ram Charn quipped that the two never felt like getting into the shoes of others but only felt like swapping himself into Tarak’s shoes during the schedule. “As I’ll be shooting, I see Tarak relaxing. It was the jealousy that made me wish I had been there resting like him,” says Charan.

Tarak says that there were times when he was in shoot mode, Charan would have got a packup call. Ultimately, Rajamouli takes the call of who should play what, says Tarak. The magnum-opus film is slated for release on January 7, 2022 and not only at the domestic market, but Rajamouli has upped the ante for extensive promotions overseas as well.