RRR Overplaying The Hype Card?The first promotional song from RRR album is set to be unveiled on 1st August. The makers are promoting this song as a friendship anthem and the fact that it has been named ‘Dosthi’ proves the same.

The likes of Anirudh, Amit Trivedi, Hemachandra and others were roped in to croon the song. The unit has been hyping up ‘Dosthi’ big time by continually posting video bytes of the singers speaking high of the song.

Not much of the promotional material released by team RRR had garnered a unanimously positive response up until now. With that in mind, RRR is aggressively promoting the arrival of the first promotional song and one might feel that the team is overplaying the hype card a tad.

There is no doubting Keeravani’s capability, but if the song fails to appeal to all sections of the listeners it could dampen the spirits of everyone involved.

The onus is well and truly on Dosthi song to serve the purpose of catapulting the buzz around the film. Will it be able to do so? We will have to wait for a couple more days to know the answer.