KGF2-RRR2022 is almost drawing to a close, at least in terms of theatrical business as no major pan-Indian films are lined up for release this December. This brings us to the question, which film will end as the biggest Indian grosser of 2022.

The obvious choices are RRR and KGF 2. While KGF’s worldwide collections have drawn to a close, RRR is still managing to make noise in the international circuit.

As per reports, RRR’s closing collections in India are around Rs 900 crore while KGF 2 closed with 981 crores, largely thanks to a Rs 494 crore contribution from Northern India. This proved to be the difference maker for RRR and KGF 2.

With the international market included, RRR reportedly made Rs 1120+ crores. KGF 2 made Rs 1187 crores.

Incidentally, RRR is going pretty well at the Japanese market and has every chance of becoming the highest grossing Indian film there. So, once the run closes here, there will be a considerable bump to RRR’s worldwide collections.

As things stand, KGF 2 is well on course to end 2022 as the highest grossing Indian film of the year. But RRR is working exceptionally well in the west and also in Japan. In fact, the film is even in race for the Oscars and that speaks about its global acclaim.