RRR-One-Year-Later,-New-Artists-Introduced,-Fans-ConfusedIt was exactly a year ago that SS Rajamouli’s magnum opus RRR went onto sets. The movie is a true-blue multistarrer in Telugu cinema after decades. It stars Young Tiger NTR and Megapower Star Ram Charan in the lead.

Amidst the increasing buzz that RRR is getting postponed, the makers announced officially that, seventy percent of the shoot is complete. It brought some cheers to the fans, but another announcement and update that everyone knows are leaving them confused.

The makers on the occasion of the completion of one year since the first day of the shoot have announced three new key members of the cast. They are Olivia Morris, Ray Stevenson and Alison Doody. The first of the three is the female lead opposite Tarak, whereas the other two are the antagonists in the movie. So, why is this update confusing?

On the one hand, the makers suggest 70 percent of the movie is complete and then they introduce these new artists and say that they are yet to enter the set. Even if we discount the heroine, for fewer scenes, shouldn’t the prominent antagonists be already part of the shoot? If they are going to join the shoot now, doesn’t that indirectly suggest they might have a tiny part?

Also, the other update is regarding the presence of Ajay Devgn and Alia Bhatt. They are also waiting to join the sets. Then there is a talk that the director is thinking of cutting down VFX shots and scenes involving these yet to come on sets artists?

All of these is making fans worried that SS Rajamouli “might” be trying to rush things to meet the deadline of July release. While it is absolutely unnecessary for a director of the stature and position that Rajamouli is at the moment; still, there is a burden of handling two big stars.

The stars may readily give away as much time as the director demands, but he (director) might take the responsibility not to misuse the trust and wrap up the shoot as announced. It is a genuine worry for all fans. But, at the end of the day, everyone trusts Rajamouli, and that is where the buck stops, for now.

RRR Movie JR NTR Heroine Olivia Morris- Villain Ray Stevenson - Alison Doody

RRR Movie JR NTR Heroine Olivia Morris- Villain Ray Stevenson - Alison Doody

RRR Movie JR NTR Heroine Olivia Morris- Villain Ray Stevenson - Alison Doody