RRR On OTT: Why Will Rajamouli Do The Favor?RRR ‘s box office frenzy has been one of the most remarkable ones in Indian cinema. The film set unprecedented records in the USA and also in the Telugu states in terms of opening day revenues. Now, the discussion is about the OTT debut of the Rajamouli directorial.

Soon after any film turns out to be a box office blockbuster, there will be a demand to release the director’s cut or add the deleted scenes in the OTT version. The same is happening with RRR now. Fans are urging Rajamouli to release the director’s cut on OTT.

Firstly, why would Rajamouli do such a favor for the OTT partners? He will have to sit on the editing table again and orchestrate another well-rounded final cut for the OTT version by perfectly placing the deleted scenes. Given his perfectionist attitude, this will be a lengthy process. Why will he be interested in going through all this additional pressure for the OTT cut?

Moreover, RRR’s OTT partners ZEE5(South India language versions) and Netflix (Hindi) have already paid a whopping amount of money for the film. They might have to shell out more money if they are to get team RRR involved and prepare an exclusive OTT cut.

Rajamouli did not work on the exclusive OTT cut for his previous project, Baahubali which created unprecedented impact on Indian cinema. So, expecting him to do something on these lines for RRR would be a waste of time