RRR Mumbai Event - Rajamouli’s Marketing BrillianceRRR has become the talk of the town and everyone is awaiting this mega spectacle all over the country on Jan 7th. In Bollywood too, the hype has gone to the next level. To make things even more interesting, Rajamouli planned a major pre-release event in Mumbai yesterday.

Fans from Telugu states reached Mumbai in a number of buses and made the event lively. Salman praised both the stars to the sky and also said no Hindi film should release after RRR is out.

The event has given RRR the right push all over the Hindi belt. But the general opinion is that the makers should have given a live telecast of the event and not made it pre-recorded program for the TV audience.

Not many know that the event will be divided into two separate parts and was shot cleverly. As Salman Khan came to the event, the makers recorded things in a way that footage will be used for RRR promotions and also for New Year’s eve with Salman.

So, in a way, the RRR event was a well-planned marketing strategy where Salman Khan was paid big bucks to unleash the new year’s ever, use the platform to announce Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and also be the special guest of the event.

Finally, in all this, one can make out the marketing brilliance of Rajamouli as he planned multiple events on one stage that would benefit one and all. The RRR event was sold for a whopping price to a leading TV channel which in turn brings back money