shobhu-yarlagadda-RRR-movieThe kind of global acclaim that RRR is getting is the kind of stuff that dreams are made of. But it needs to be said that there’s a lot more scope for the film in the global circuit.

For instance, there’s Baahubali. The producer of Baahubali duology, Shobu Yarlagadda executed a marketing master plan tor the film.

The way Baahubali was promoted in all the major circuits across India can be regarded as a case study. It wasn’t like Shobu devised the promotional plan in a stereotypical manner.

During Baahubali’s campaign, the strong zones and weak zones were identified by Shobu and his team orchestrated the promotional tour accordingly. The targeted approach paid rich dividends as Baahubali 2 became a national sensation in all parts of the country.

In the case of RRR, the film is getting international acclaim but all of this organic and not that the producer DVV Danayya is involved with the same.

Had Shobu been a part of RRR, he would’ve taken the film’s international acclaim to a whole new level. He would’ve incorporated advanced promotional strategies involving Data science and AI like Hollywood production houses making using of technology to generate massive buzz and revenues.

Shobu is a well educated producer who can devise winning promotional tours. All the current RRR hype would’ve possibly even doubled with Shobu at the helm. Danayya is not even remotely invested in this regard.