Rajamouli-RRRRRR is winning accolades all over the globe, not just from the movie-watching audience but also from some of the greatest directors, writers, makers, and critics.

No film from our country has created such an impact globally. The film has put Indian cinema on a world pedestal. And because of these factors, there is a very strong chance of RRR making a huge mark in prestigious International awards, including the Oscars.

But a section of the media is trying to downplay the impact and is trying to create a perception that RRR makers are creating fabricated hype by running hashtags on social media and paying huge amounts to reputed websites to write PR articles about RRR. They are accusing the team of doing heavy-paid lobbying to create fake hype about the film in international circles.

But this section of media must realize that RRR trended on top for 4-5 weeks on Netflix. Some of the biggest filmmakers, including those who worked for Marvel films and many oscar winning films, have written and spoken about RRR on public platforms. The joke is on that media that thinks PR can influence them.

The western audience went gaga over the film and couldn’t stop singing praises about the film. All these cannot be bought with money and paid PR machinery.

The hype and appreciation for RRR are organic and genuine. For the first time in many years, there is a genuine chance to win an Oscar for Indian cinema. Instead of appreciating the achievements, a section of media is writing front page articles to degrade the film and also SS Rajamouli.

Rajamouli is someone who doesn’t need publicity. Publicity and media attention follows him, and many times he deliberately keeps it low-key to avoid media attention.

The media should understand that we are talking about the coveted Oscars here and not some local TSR award that can be bought by lobbying or PR machinery. That section of media is embarrassing itself by pulling down a film like RRR, a film that needs to be celebrated.

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