RRR_Number_1_Most_Watched_Non_English_Film_NetflixSS Rajamouli’s RRR had a terrific run in theatres across various film industries in India and overseas. But, for the first time, a film is still making great buzz post-theatrical run.

RRR regional versions are streaming on Zee5. Whereas, Netflix has acquired the rights for only the Hindi language. Naturally, the streaming giant has a huge reach outside India which is working wonders for the film.

Ever since Netflix started streaming RRR, the buzz has been rapidly increasing among the non-Indian binge-watchers. They are spreading positive reviews on their social pages. This hasn’t happened before for any Indian film. It will grow much bigger from June 1st as RRR is re-releasing in the U.S on nearly 100+ screens and the majority of the audience are Americans.

Netflix has officially announced that RRR is the number one non-English film watched for 18.36 million hours. This is HUGE!!! To put things in perspective, Top Gun has been watched for 6.44 million hours in the same week.