JR NTR Ram Charan RRR Movie HighlightsWe are just hours away from the grand release of the epic RRR. The movie brings together two powerhouses, Jr NTR and Ram Charan, under TFI’s numero uno director, SS Rajamouli. All eyes are on the movie, not just from the Telugu film industry, but across all other industries, too.

Taking a look at individual stars, Jr NTR has been making steadily good choices since his comeback with Temper in 2014. He hasn’t pushed the wrong button. A success with RRR will increase people’s trust in the star’s judgement. It augers well for his forthcoming projects which feature big names.

Ram Charan too took a conscious decision to deliver good content to his fans. He missed it with his last outing and will be hoping for a strong comeback with RRR. Given his exciting lineup ahead, success here would take him to the next level, for sure.

And finally, SS Rajamouli is the biggest brand in Telugu cinema, currently. He hasn’t had a failure in eternity. Delivering a success here under immense pressure and handling two of the biggest mass stars would catapult him to a hitherto unseen level of stardom as a director. It would also firmly establish him at the pan-India level as a ‘brand’.

In short, there is so much at stake to take away from RRR’s success. In a few hours, we will know its destiny and the fate of all the stars involved.

RRR is a pan-India movie made on a gigantic budget. Post the debacle of recently released such film, there is an air of pessimism among the fans. The early advances added to the mood. These circumstances make RRR the cynosure of all eyes. Success here will breathe life to all pan-India projects on sets and in planning stages.

RRR is the costliest film coming from Indian cinema after the pandemic. The success or failure of the film will give an indication about the future of theatrical business and how the filmmakers should approach their big event films in the near future.