Rajamouli RRR Hyderabad Press Meet ControversySS Rajamouli’s RRR Trailer launch has happened today in theaters. The team followed it up with an event in Mumbai and planned one more tonight at RK Cineplex in Hyderabad. Media was only informed about the event this afternoon but it has come with a surprise.

Usually, fans are not invited to such events but the event management Company has given passes for fans of both the sides. Along with the fans with passes, those without passes have also come to the event. The mall at one point could not accommodate the crowd and the security deployed were not enough.

In this commotion, fans of both the actors got divided and shouted slogans like Jai NTR and Jai Ram Charan. Only Rajamouli and DVV Danayya managed to come in. It was decided that the crowd can not be controlled and it is not safe to bring in the heroes at that time.

So, the Press conference has been canceled. Media was initially very upset but Rajamouli took the mic and profusely apologized for the inconvenience. He promised to have the event only for the media in a day or two. A Press conference getting canceled due to bad planning did not happen in recent times.