NTR fans dominating Ram Charan fans RRR MovieWe are just two days away from the release of the biggest movie of Tollywood or even Indian Cinema after the pandemic. While the advance bookings are slow in other languages, Brand SS Rajamouli is on a rampage at Telugu box office.

The Pre-release Euphoria is already in the air and fans are counting minutes and seconds to see their favorite stars in fully glory in SSR’s direction. There is a festive look at the theaters across the Telugu States.

Given that RRR is the movie of two big stars, the Hungama is at next level. But then, when it comes to comparison, one should admit that NTR fans have dominated Charan fans big time.

In almost all areas right from AP to America, the celebrations of Tarak fans are touching the roofs. In Telugu States, to avoid untoward incidents between the fans, Fans associations have divided the theaters between the fans.

NTR Fans have got theaters in 7:3 ratio and there are no complaints from other side. Even at the centers where there is no division, the banners and cutouts are also in the similar ratio.

NTR fan base is much wider than Ram Charan’s if we compare hero to hero because the Former is much senior and has penetrated into the masses. Also, the fact that it’s been since four years that fans got to watch Tarak on the big screen is also working.

We also get a doubt whether the entire mega base is rallying around Charan or if they are divided into Chiranjeevi+Charan, Pawan Kalyan, and Allu Arjun. We can not stamp it as a fact but there is a chance.

In a complete contrast, NTR will ‘mostly’ enjoy the support of the entire Nandamuri base and TDP base. That may be the key difference.

But then, we will have to see which side will have a broader smile after watching the film. That’s what really matters at the end.

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