RRR-RajamouliEven after a fair bit of chopping off by Rajamouli, RRR’s final copy has a run-time of a tad over 3 hours. However, despite the lengthy run-time, fans are now asking Rajamouli to add a few more scenes.

“It is heard that a few love track scenes featuring Bheem and Jenny were chopped off from the final cut. This track looked entertaining in the film and we want more of these. Rajamouli should add a few more of these scenes now. He should also look into adding the underwater fight sequence featuring NTR,” a few of NTR’s fans on social media say.

Well, Rajamouli would have moved heaven and earth to chop off certain scenes in view of the run-time constraints. It is near impossible for him to add new scenes now, given that the final cut already has run-time of over 3 hours. So, RRR’s fans are making an impractical request to the master filmmaker and that simply cant be fulfilled.

The only other alternative is that Rajamouli might add these deleted scenes in the OTT copy that is likely to be released in a few months from now. But there is no guarantee about this either. So, this too is a far fetch.