RRR Euphoria Logic: Rich Kammas & Poor Kapus!RRR Euphoria is just ticking in. The bookings in the United States are on a rage. Trade is expecting big numbers just from the Pre-sales.

Meanwhile, the hungama of NTR fans is touching the roofs with bulk bookings, private shows etc. They have clearly dominated Ram Charan fans at least till now. Social media is abuzz with their hungama.

At this juncture, a section of Mega fans have come up with a theory behind this dominance. They say Kamma community are rich in the United States and Kapu community can not match their money power.

There are some voices supporting this theory and some other people calling it a rubbish. They may have missed the logic United States is a land of opportunities and does not discriminate in the name of caste. Those who rose up to the challenge are prospering in the country.

NTR fans say Mega fans are coming up with lame excuses unable to match NTR’s star power. The so called fans have successfully confined the heroes to respective communities which is a shame to the industry on social media.

We will see more of such murk as the release date draws closer.