RRR Delay Brings A New Headache For Rajamouli We already know that Telangana High Court is hearing a petition filed against Rajamouli‘s RRR for distorting the history. A similar petition has been filed in Andhra Pradesh High Court on Monday by Alluri Yuvajana Sangham.

“It is not right to showcase Alluri who fought against the British as a British Police. It is not right to distort history saying that Alluri and Komaram Bheem met which would misguide the future generations,” the petitioner said.

We do not know how the courts will respond to these petitions. But the makers will get to have such headaches as the film gets delayed. Rajamouli and Co are aware of this but they can’t do anything about it. Both these petitions have been filed after RRR got postponed.

As things stand today, RRR may not release before April 29th. Even that date is tentative with Omicron permitting and the theaters across the country opening with 100% occupancy and no night Curfews.