RRR Big Surprise: A Meme BlockbusterRRR is by far India’s biggest action drama in recent times. The film is setting the box office on fire and is posting excellent revenues. Coming to the point, RRR has now emerged as a meme blockbuster, and here’s how.

Incidentally, there are numerous memes pertaining to RRR that are going viral on the internet. The vast majority of these memes are related to Komaram Bheem, played by Jr NTR, and his ‘association’ with wild animals.

Those who have watched the film can relate to these memes and they have a great hilarious touch. They are linked to the interval block in the film. Especially, a few memes related to tigers and Jr NTR pack a lot of humor.

Down below are a few such memes that we found to be the pick of the lot. There are several other such hilarious posts on social media.

Usually, films of RRR’s scale are expected to mesmerize the audience with larger than life action. RRR has done not just that, but has also emerged as a meme blockbuster, providing surplus content to social media users.

RRR Big Surprise: A Meme Blockbuster

RRR Big Surprise