RRR-Back-In-The-Game!As expected, the teaser has done the trick. RRR is now back in the game as the topmost anticipated flick all over. There is no question over it being the biggest movie, after all, what else can one expect when you have SS Rajamouli helming a project and it features the names of Jr NTR and Ram Charan. But, the coronavirus had put a dent.

The craze on RRR, before that coronavirus pandemic hit the world, was on a whole different level across the board. It plummeted during the lockdown period. And, finally, after months, there is a revival of sorts.

The teaser featuring Jr NTR has become the talk of the town for various reasons. There is also a controversy related to it. Then there is the multi-starrer factor. Ram Charan’s voice-over adds additional buzz. The makers are seizing the momentum and have commenced the promotional activity related to engaging the fans.

Remember, it would be a long time before RRR hits the screens. Sources say, the way shoot has been planned by SS Rajamouli and the VFX work related to post-production, it would be as far as Sankranthi 2022 before RRR hits cinemas.

With that in mind, the teaser featuring Jr NTR has been timed properly. It is up to the makers to sustain the interest of the audience at a higher level.

RRR, whenever it arrives, could not be another movie featuring a big star. It should be the epic event movie like the makers envisaged it to be. For that to happen, a lot of work would be needed by the makers outside the making. We can only wait and see what they have in the store. For now, they are on the track, again.