RRR: AP And TS People Are The UnluckiestAfter a really long wait, RRR is finally releasing in theatres in a few hours from now. The film is witnessing exceedingly good advance bookings in the Telugu states. But the audience in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana can be termed unlucky when it comes to RRR. Wonder how? Here is the story.

As for the Telugu audience in the USA, they can watch RRR in Dolby Vision screens and IMAX projections, which offer exceedingly good viewing experience. Incidentally, even the Telugu audience in Bengaluru have some exciting news as RRR’s midnight shows will be commencing as early as 11:50 PM today.

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Sadly, Telugu cinema lovers in AP and Telangana are the unlucky ones. Firstly, there aren’t even a good number of 3D screens in AP, let alone world-class projection facilities like IMAX or Dolby. Also, the local authorities are ordering theatre managements not to screen any benefit shows before 6AM on 25 March.

As for the Telangana audience, there aren’t any IMAX projections here either. On top of that, the audience are having to pay abnormally high ticket prices for the film.

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While the AP and Telangana are the main contributors to RRR, the vast majority of the audience here don’t even get to watch IMAX projections and there aren’t any midnight shows either. While languages in other parts have all these perks, cinema lovers in AP and TS are deemed to be the unlucky ones.