RR Movie Makers revival on cards!

RR Movie Makers who once aggressively produced films with big stars and even ventured in to film distribution. They faced some finance problems during the production of Nagarjuna’s Damarukam and struggled a lot to release the movie. Their recent production ventures, Autonagar Suriya and Paisa are lying in cans waiting for release for several months. Now we are told that RR managed to get a funding and the movie release are on. Paisa is almost confirmed for November 22nd and Autonagar Suriya is planned for December 19th.

There is a rumour in industry that YS Jagan is behind RR Movie Makers. They suffered financially when Jagan is in jail and his assets are under scrutiny. Now that Jagan is out, they are beginning the operations. As every rumour, the truth in this also can not be verified.