Rowdy to release with English subtitles
Director Ram Gopal Varma and the Manchu family is letting no opportunity go to make as many people as possible to watch the film. This is the first time in ages that Ram Gopal Varma is directing a film starring noticeable names in Telugu and also vice versa is true for the Manchu family as well who haven’t done a film with a renowned director in long time.

Sensing the huge anticipation on the film, the Rowdy unit has decided to bring the film to the audience with English subtitles. This has been in planning for a long time for many Telugu biggies but none have managed it so far as those films couldn’t be ready in time. With RGV time was never going to be an issue as he is always ahead of it, so the makers have decided to release the movie with English subtitles worldwide to attract newer audience as well. One hope that this move pays off so that the other Telugu biggies too follow the suit as it would help enormously in expanding the reach in overseas.