Romantic Trailer 2A second of Romantic is out. This time the focus is more on the action and a little less on romance. It shows there is more to the movie than just lust-filled drama between the lead pair.

In a way, the second trailer is also a character intro video of Aakash. The actor plays Vasco De Gama in the movie and seems to be involved (or fighting against) the mafia. We have to watch the film to get a clear idea.

The other important role of Ramya Krishna is also given enough footage. The entire story of Romantic seems to revolve around the three characters essayed by Aakash Puri, Ketika Sharma and Ramya Krishna.

The trailer cut is typical Puri Jagannadh with his mark dialogues written all over it. Aakash Puri is also channelling the heroism of his father’s lead characters. If the combo of heroism and the dialogues work out, Romantic could grab the audience’s attention, for sure.

Romantic has gained buzz in the last few days. A grand pre-release event held recently has done the trick. The second trailer, which is out now, was actually screened there first.

Check out the trailer below. Anil Paduri directs Romantic, which has story, screenplay and dialogues provided by Puri Jagannadh. The action cum love drama hits screens all over on October 29th. Sunil Kashpay delivers music to the youthful entertainer.