Roja caught with documented evidence?YSR Congress Party is gearing up for lodging an official complaint on the suspension of Roja. The party is gearing up for a legal battle if needed. On the other side, the government is also gearing up to face this.

It is said that few video footages of the Assembly in which Roja and some other YSR Congress MLAs are using very bad and abusive language is now with the government. They are planning to release the videos at appropriate time so that people will know who is at wrong.

Already a video of Roja criticizing the modest of TDP Payakaraopeta MLA, Anitha is doing rounds on the internet. Anitha is an SC MLA and this issue can prove to be fatal for Roja’s political career. Already Anitha came before media and she was reduced to tears while speaking in media regarding Roja’s comments.