"RJ Chaitu is so Manipulative," says Mumait KhanBigg Boss Non-Stop has already completed 1 week. The fifth season housemate Ravi is on board as the host for interviewing the evictees this season. Earlier, Siva Balaji, Tanish, Rahul Spiligunj, and Ariyana hosted the interview show. Now, Ravi is on board and he has interacted with Mumait Khan already. In the most surprising manner, Mumait Khan got evicted in the first week.

Mumait said that the housemates intentionally portrayed her in a wrong way and gave stupid as well as silly reasons while nominating her. Especially, she said that RJ Chaitu is so manipulative and diplomatic in the house.

Mumait Khan also mentioned that she didn’t know Akhil and Ajay outside but really liked them and guessed that Chaitu, Bindu, Sree Rapaka Rapaka, and Shiva might be happy that she got evicted. Mumait also claimed that Sree Rapaka is very fake and no one can guess when she will bite like a snake.

Mumait gave #Fake tag to the following inmates.

Sree Rapaka, Bindu, Shiva, Mithra, Mahesh, and Chaitu

Mumait gave #Real tag to the rest of the inmates.

Mumait said that she would want Sree Rapaka to get evicted next week.

Mumait gave tiger badge to Akhil, snake badge to Bindu, mahanati badge to Sarayu, Cat on the wall badge to Shravanthi, Krack to Nataraj, mask to Shiva, punch to Chaitu, gentleman to Anil, tortoise to Mithra, use and throw to Mahesh, horns to Shree, bajana to Tejaswi, temper to Ariyana, atom bomb to Hamida and match stick to Ashu.

Mumait Khan earlier participated in the first season of the Bigg Boss TV show.