GUNASEKHAR - Rudramadevi sequelAfter getting lucky with the success of his ‘Rudramadevi’ after all the anxiety he had faced because of its budget and release issues, Guna Sekhar is back doing the pre-production work for his next project ‘Prathaparudrudu’.

This is the sequel for ‘Rudramadevi’. Right now, Guna Sekhar is busy with the research work for the historical saga for which he needs a lot of facts from the Kakatiya age. However, we are left in a doubt. Why is he risking with a historical story once again, so soon?

During the time of making of ‘Rudramadevi’, he put everything at stake. Even his wife and children came out and cried on how they have risked everything. The sympathy factor worked big time and luckily Guna could come out successfully with the support of many in the industry. Now, he is going to come up with yet another risky project so quickly. Why such a risk so soon Guna?