Actor Kalyan Ram is famous for taking risk is now coming with his flick OM, estimated to be made with a budget of Rs 25 Crores might be an action adventure film but we really hope it’s not a flop one. Because as the rumors have it, this will be a 3D film accessed by only a number of limited cinemas in the entire state to present the movie in 3D technology. Also as Dasari mentioned it is a 12 crore movie which is being made with 25 crore, clearly a huge risk. But as it is said, risk is not new to Kalyan Ram.

The real question here is whether the film has gained the excitement of the audience and does Kalyan Ram have the market value. Apart from these unanswered questions, there is this other fact that he chose a new director for this high budgeted film. Looking at the pages of history, we can see the fate of this extremely expensive movie. But let’s just hope for the best!