The Rise And Rise Of Vennela Kishore

The Rise And Rise Of Vennela KishoreIt would be overhyping to put the comedian in star league, but Vennela Kishore is slowly but steadily rising to acquire a star status as a comedian. Some of his outings in the recent past have been sensational with Ami Thumi being the big “hit it out of the park” moment.

Vennela Kishore appears regularly in movies, and sometimes he does fail to make a mark. But the strike rate has without any doubt improved big time with the passing of time. He is slowly getting the acknowledgment in movies with huge success. Particularly, in the last few films, he has been part of, Keshava, Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam, Ami Tumi, the comic timing so perfect that even with small roles and screen time, he is standing out.

The film Ami Thumi has taken him to the next level, undoubtedly. His casually friendly off-screen nature on social media, the way he interacts with fans, is another big plus for him. Big success usually generates big egos, if Vennela Kishore avoids that and maintains the same casual and fun relationship going forward, he will surely reach new heights. Let’s hope the “hero” bug doesn’t bite him in future.

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