vikram-upcoming-movie-with-vijay-chandar-right-ideaAfter a very long time, Vikram has apparently decided to do a simple and straight forward commercial cinema. This idea is surely right as we haven’t seen him to do a regular masala film in over a decade. But has he taken a wrong director for it?

Vikram has agreed to do director Vijay Chandar’s next film. To those who don’t know the director, he is only one film old and his debut was the long-delayed Vaalu starring Simbu. He could be talented and that could come to fore post the release of the film but the pre-release buzz would surely be missing for the Vikram starrer.

Now imagine a film with Hari? Coming right after a smash hit like Iru Mugan, the hype on this film would be huge. But, that isn’t the case, unfortunately. Can Vijay Chandar surprise like Anand Shankar did with Irumugan? For Vikram’s sake, one hopes that is the case.