Mirchi Movie

Mirchi, the upcoming film has Richa Gangopadhyay and Anushka starring as leads. Although rumors say that Anushka has more footage than her co-star, it is reported that Richa has a role that `cannot be tampered with’ as is said to be ‘playing an important role and any kind of tampering would affect the storyline.’

Movies having a lot of name and fame generally have to endure this problem, while the ones that are comparatively less recognized are sacrificed on the editing table.

A crew member reported that, “Richa has a significant role and no one can tamper with it. Even though there are two heroines in the film, Richa plays Prabhas’ love interest so she has appropriate screen time”. Quite differently from her colleague Taapsee who suffered in ‘Veera’, Richa has apparently managed to get away unscathed this time.