RGV's fascination for underworld

That Satya 2 might be his last underworld film is still unsure but you have got to give it to Ram Gopal Varma for revolutionizing the underworld theme in cinemas. We will definitely miss his films in this genre. RGV says Satya 2 will be his last film in this genre because he has pretty much used everything available to do a film on gangsters.

He says how can he make a new gangster film when there is no material available on the subject. He feels there’s only material on rowdies available now for consumption but he is not keen on making a film about local rowdies and instead would concentrate on making other films. He says, in fact, he made Satya 2 keeping mind that there are no criminal organization anymore and how someone who aspires to resume it would go about. That’s precisely the story of his film, which is releasing Nov 8.

Talking about death threats he received, he said that he didn’t personally receive any and that police while tapping some conversation involving sources associated with underworld overheard RGV’s name in conversation. Therefore, security was beefed up for him.