RGV Sri Reddy Abuse Pawan KalyanSri Reddy abusing Pawan Kalyan with cuss word ‘MC’ as expected rose into a big issue and made the her apologize for the mistake. Conveying sincere apologies to Pawan and his mother, Sri Reddy wrote that she was provoked by the enemy of Pawan to use that word to get popularity and that now she is ready to face the trolls for her mistake. Fans of Pawan started suspecting both YSRCP and TDP hand behind all this drama but the truth is out now.

Social activist Sandhya has revealed that it a star director who is famous for his controversial remarks. She also informed that Sri Reddy has the texts of the director sent asking her to do so and that the actress is going to leak them soon.

Quickly, RGV came admitting that he provoked Sri Reddy to use the cuss word on Pawan to gain more attention giving a great explanation of why he did that in the video. He gave a family touch saying he wanted to help the actress. Well, RGV’s script in the video didn’t sell well in the people. It is a hit wicket to save himself from the embarrassment of Sri Reddy revealing his name. Watch it below;