Dhanalakshmi's response to RGV's allegations!

Nampally Court on Monday has dismissed the case of Ram Gopal Varma on Censor Officer Dhana Lakshmi. They have cited ‘lack of evidence’ as the reason for the dismissal. Ram Gopal Varma failed to provide allegations levied on Dhana Lakshmi before the court. The issue can totally be misfired now, Dhana Lakshmi may even come up with defamation suite on RGV for his allegations in Public with out any proofs.

Dhanalakshmi reportedly suggested 34 cuts to Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya-2 and on the other side, the Hindi version of the movie passed with A certificate and zero cuts. While RGV’s assistants approached her regarding the same, she reportedly treated them rashly and asked them to ‘Shut Up’. In the case, Ramu alleged that Dhanalakshmi harassed, caused financial loss , over stepped her authority and has used abusive language on his staff.