RGV-Using-Old-Trick-For-'Officer'-Movie-PromotionWith just two and half weeks remaining for the release of Officer and the absolute lack of buzz it has, filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is trying some old tricks to promote. As usual, he is using the name of Pawan Kalyan and riling his fans to get things going.

In the past few days, RGV has been trying to highlight the dislikes for the second teaser of his new film Officer with Akkineni Nagarjuna. It has led to him being trolled by Akkineni fans only, but the director continues to target the other side ignoring the real audience for the film.

Officer is all set to release on May 25. The two teasers released so far have been far from pleasing the fans. There is a sense of decent content on offer, but the making is what is putting everyone off.