Director Ramgopal Varma has proven to be great and successful many times without any doubt but at present he seems to carry some kind unlucky charm as none of his films are turning out to be a box office success. Varma has made several super hit films in Telugu with veteran actors such as Nagarjuna, J.D.Chakravarthy and Venkatesh however any movie with a present generation actor turns out as a big flop.

‘Adavi’, his film with actor Nithin who was already a very unsuccessful actor at that time, ended up as a major disaster. Actor Sunil, whose film ‘Maryadha Ramanna’ was a super hit, after doing the film ‘KSD Appalaraju’ with Ramgopal Varma had the worst flop. There are many more examples like that but the purpose of mentioning all this is that RGV is again making a film titled ‘Satya’ with actor Sharwanand as the lead. Sharwanand is a great actor but he has had some flops in his career like ‘Ko ante Koti’ and ‘Nuvva Nena’. The question is whether the film will work or it will just add some more bad luck to Sharwanand? We can just wait and find out!