RGV starts his crusade on Pawan Kalyan again

Ram Gopal Varma from time to starts mocking whoever is the highlight of the day in the form of extreme praises, in his account of the micro blogging site Twitter. He has spared no one and has covered topics that have been far varied from another. During one such session the maverick director took to Pawan Kalyan and stated that the actor should start a political party as he has great leadership quality and youth following. After a while he calmed down as expected.

Now today as the Pawan Kalyan’s party has got a name and his political entry confirmed, the director resumed his crusade on Pawan Kalyan again. As expected he has heaped excessive and truly unbelievable praise on the party and Pawan Kalyan which almost borders on the joke territory. One wonders what the director’s gets out of all these but as said above it surely is an indicator as to what is currently topic in the online universe or among people because it is only such topics or persons that the director touches upon not just any random thing or person.