RGV-Started-Another-Rampage,-Hotness-AlertNowadays, an RGV film means full of nudity, sex, vulgar angles of the heroines, and most importantly, no story. The song teaser of his next ”Ladki‘ is out and there is no song, whatsoever. So, everything that one expects from his movies is there in the teaser.

Concentrating the camera angles on the heroine’s thighs to her inners in the name of an obsessed Bruce Lee’s fan who is a martial artist starring Pooja Bhalekar as that obsessed girl. The teaser is nothing different than the sensual show we’ve got to see in many of his recent films.

RGV says that he would be releasing the full video song on 27th November on the 80th anniversary of Bruce Lee. Many times, RGV pronounced that he was the martial arts hero’s fan and this teaser has only Pooja kicking the punching bag.

But, this doesn’t seem to be anything about his fandom. This teaser is enough fuel to expect what would be in store for them in the full song ‘Challenging the male’. RGV calls it India’s first martial arts film, but can we really wait to watch a martial arts film coming from RGV, these days?