RGV Amithabh

The events of 26/11 were brutal on Indian population. Capitalizing on these emotions and trying to express them through art, Ram Gopal Verma is currently involved in making a film about the incident. The film is named as The Attacks Of 26/11’and stars Nana Patekar.

Recently, RGV showed the trailer of this film to the legendary actor of Bollywood cinema, Amitabh Bachchan who posted his reactions about the film on Twitter. Talking about those reactions, RGV says, “I remember him mentioning on his blog at that time that he felt like sleeping with his gun under his pillow, which pretty much represented every Mumbaikar’s sentiments, post those attacks. I was kind of taken aback to see how strongly he reacted. He couldn’t speak for a minute or so because he was choked with emotion, which he mentioned in his tweets too.”

Explaining his reasons for showing Bachchan the clip, RGV said that he wanted his “honest opinion.”