Director Ram Gopal Varma who is more popular for his mid night tweets more than his films says his next movie is titled ‘KCR’. He doesn’t stop there, he sends a series of mockery tweets on Telangana CM KCR. Though controversy is his first name, making a film with the title on KCR is doubtlessly going to be a first of it’s kind experience to controversial director if the film has any sort of similarities to the real life of the politician. It will be interesting to see how he will face TRS supporters and the tough politician like KCR. Whatever the case, if the film indeed goes on to sets and Varma brings it out with his usual controversial touch, he will surely eat away lot of media space which is the end goal of the director. For now, check his tweets below.

Naa next picture title “KCR”

“KCR” sounding better than “NTR”

On every aspect I like the inward sound of a KCR more than the sound of an NTR or a YSR

Just in the sheer power combination of presence, persona and intensity KCR is more beautiful than Samantha,Thamanna and Ileana put together

Hitler was a bad KCR and KCR is a good Hitler