RGV Mahesh babu aagadu comments

If RGV wants to tell something, tweeting has become a best option for him. And his mode of expressing has always been satirical and intended pun. This time ‘Aagadu’ caught RGV’s attention. Besides some tweets he posted yesterday comparing Aagadu and Magadheera for their extravaganza, RGV came up with another set of satires on the movie.

By tweeting, “In “Aagadu” Prakash raj missed out on his career’s best performance. . I truly feel sorry for him”, RGV has assured Prakash Raj that being ousted from the movie is no great loss for the versatile actor. Expressing opinion that the dialogue modulations need to be sent to Oscars, RGV is targeting the ruthless exploitation of the director which isn’t sensible by any standards. But RGV mistook that the dialogues are written by Kona Venkat because he missed the titles and hence was found inquiring if Kona wrote the dialogues for the movie.

Besides this, RGV requested Mahesh Babu’s fans to tell him to do fantastic roles. “My request to Mahesh babu’s fans is to please tell him to do fantastic roles because he is a fantaaaaaaaaastic actor”. Many times RGV tweets are taken in lighter vein. But this time, there is implicit truth underlying them. Aren’t our superstars banking on the age old routine formula feeding on the remnants of their past films? Srinu Vaitla tried nothing new, except lifting ideas from his earlier movies and getting to write lengthy dialogues with too many modulations. Oops!