RGV said lies & sent pay cheques - ManojIt’s a known thing that RGV doesn’t mind telling lies even to make a film according to his needs and the way he has planned. He revealed the same in his book earlier. Now Manchu Manoj too confirms Ramu’s way of telling even a lakh lies for the sake of the movie he is making.

When RGV approached Manoj for ‘Attack’, he told Manoj that he is producing the movie. But Manoj already knew from outer sources that it’s C.Kalyan who is the producer. But RGV kept on saying that he is the producer and even sent cheques to Manoj in the name of ‘Z 3 Pictures’.

‘Attack’ is made under CK Entertainments banner which belongs to C. Kalyan. Here RGV told the lie to make Manoj compromise on the remuneration thinking it’s an RGV’s production and hence charge lesser than his usual pay. But all through, Manoj knew that it’s a C.Kalyan’s production venture.