devineniRGV ridicules Chiranjeevi again!

Seems like Ram Gopal Varma turned political in recent times. The other day, he let out few tweets asking Pawan Kalyan to start a political party and now he is seriously sharing his views about Samayikya Andhra movement. Praising the movement as the only agitation in the world which is not driven by any leader, he also ridiculed Chiranjeevi by tweeting. “If Samaikhyandra agitation was a film and Chiranjeevi was the hero in it, I wonder then how he would have dealt with it?.”

Ram Gopal Varma was referring to Chiranjeevi’s role in Samayikyandhra movement. The actor turned politician is coming under severe attack from all quarters in Seemandhra region for not resigning to his Central Minister post and raise voice against Congress High command’s decision.