The series of events after the release of ‘Ice Cream’, the controversies, blame games, intelligent jibes and imparting RGV kind of knowledge to all those critics who lately are targetting him for his content less films crossing my mind, I took out his book ‘Naa Ishtam’ from my reading shelf after two years. Being his admirer for both his adeptness at film making and his way of tackling in the most unconventional way, I got into deep thought about the person I think is definitely might not be best but the person is undoubtedly a crusader of the sorts.

Accept him or ridicule him, he is not going to spare YOU. His first film ‘Shiva’… audience and film folks were left awestruck for his sheer brilliance in film making. The technique he used was marvelled. But he laughed at those people who even lauded him and himself appreciated his own diligence in fooling people with his technique of handling people. It was a matter of great amusement for him how he tricked Nagarjuna and Venkat Akkineni to give a chance to a newcomer like RGV.

That was past. He tasted big success but once ‘Govinda Govinda’ didn’t do well, he migrated to Bollywood displeased with Tollywood. There too he took the whole Bollywood by storm. But ‘Sholay’ remake changed everything for him in Bollywood. And after long time RGV returned to Tollywood. Despite some sensational movies like ‘Rakstha Charitra’ and ‘Rowdy’, most of them turned out to be disasters. After ‘Ice Cream’, he seems not be in a mood to buy any criticism on his movies.

Once again RGV targetted his critics by venturing into new avenues of film making and putting forward the concept of parallel industry. Then the thought of theatre auction system sprouted from his genius brain. Many revered film makers like Rajamouli too got into dialogue with RGV about the thought of parallel industry and praised his vision of parallel industry to put a check on the existing film industry. Besides these, comments on Gods also got him into controversies.

RGV might be having a lot of hatemongers. But there are many who always stood by his side and appreciate his different outlook on everything that came his way. They may laud his exceptional and genius critical thinking and consider his thought process above the understanding of the common sense of many. But going by RGV’s nature, he isn’t going to spare the admirers even. One day he would laugh on all of us who had supported him and say how intelligently he trapped us into being his admirers. What say RGV, am I wrong?